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Hard Works

Mario Schulzke
Mario Schulzke
1 min read
Hard Works

Usually, as humans, we choose the easy path. And given our success as a species, that tends to work out well.

So we all do it.

All the time.

Walk to work? Nah, I’ll drive.
Exercise? Yeah right after I get to the end of Netflix.
Cook an elaborate meal? Dude, you ever heard of Chipotle?
Should we go get that then?  UBER EATS BRO.

Doing the easy thing works well. Everybody does it.

So the one time it doesn’t work is when mediocrity is not our goal.

Easy doesn’t work in marketing. Or business.

Because easy leads to more people bidding on the same keywords.
Easy leads to more competition in whatever category you chose.
Easy leads to the same ideas everybody else had.

If you’re ever wondering why something isn’t working, the answer tends to be that somewhere along the way you chose easy.

And for certain decisions and paths, that’s fine.

Except if you want to win at something. Be the best. Or just do much better than everyone else.

Then, hard works.

So if it feels hard, look around. You’re probably on your own.

And something remarkable might right around the corner.


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