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My name is Mario. Last name Johnson.

I kid. Last name Schulzke.

I am an equal parts entrepreneur, marketer, and teacher. Or at least that is what I tell my mother.

re: entrepreneur. I founded IdeaMensch, where we have interviewed and featured over 6,000 entrepreneurs, makers, and doers since 2009.

re: marketer. I spent my twenties running digital marketing campaigns for some of America's biggest brands. In my thirties, I was the CMO of both the University of Montana and Geniuslink.

re: teacher. I teach marketing to both business students and nonprofit leaders at the University of Montana and on Commonsense Marketing.

My goal in life used to be to live an interesting life. Then I had a child. I am an immigrant, an Ironman, and a Costco Exec member.

My lifemates are a curly-haired wife, a baby girl who sleeps in two-hour increments (only at night), and an incredibly vindictive long-haired wiener dog.

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Do Then Know > Know Then Do

I have been teaching at the university level for the last couple of decades, first at the Academy of Art University and then at my alma mater, the University of Montana. At the same time, I've been both a marketing practitioner and entrepreneur. When I first started teaching, I'd follow

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When Starting Your Career, Optimize For a Variety of Experiences. Here’s Why and How.

For the first ten years of my career, I spent my days working on dozens of large brands in ad agencies and my nights trying to launch side project businesses. My agency work exposed me to bigger-picture business strategy thinking across various industries and some of the most brilliant and

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The Three Skills You Need to Supercharge Your Career Growth

Early in your career, your focus should be on honing your craft. Do the work. Learn about the work. Put in the extra hours. Start a side project that gives you even more at-bats. Your goal needs to put yourself on a track to be great at what you do.