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My name is Mario. Last name Johnson.

I kid. Last name Schulzke.

I am an equal parts entrepreneur, marketer, and teacher. Or at least that is what I tell my mother.

re: entrepreneur. I founded IdeaMensch, where we have interviewed and featured over 6,000 entrepreneurs, makers, and doers since 2009.

re: marketer. I spent my twenties running digital marketing campaigns for some of America's biggest brands. Since then I have been doing the CMO thing at the University of Montana, Geniuslink, and now Pathlabs and Lumenad.

re: teacher. I teach marketing to both business students and nonprofit leaders at the University of Montana and on Commonsense Marketing.

My goal in life used to be to live an interesting life. Then I had a child. I am an immigrant, grandson of refugees,  a (slow)Ironman, and a Costco Exec member.

My lifemates are a curly-haired wife, a baby girl who won't nap, a cat named Walter, and an incredibly vindictive long-haired wiener dog.

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3 Reasons Why The Best Marketing Has Nothing To Do With Promotion

When most people think about marketing, they think about promotion. That is false. And it's why most marketing doesn't work. If you study marketing, you learn a simple framework. It's called the 4Ps. Product - what are you selling Place  - where are you selling it Price - how much

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4 Strategies To Make Fewer But Better Decisions

Making decisions can be exhausting. And if you burn out from making decisions, you run the risk of procrastinating or making bad decisions. Or even worse, you spend too much time making fairly inconsequential decisions and then delay the important decisions you need to make. I've been there and done

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Do Then Know > Know Then Do

I have been teaching at the university level for the last couple of decades, first at the Academy of Art University and then at my alma mater, the University of Montana. At the same time, I've been both a marketing practitioner and entrepreneur. When I first started teaching, I'd follow