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Start / Stop / Continue

Mario Schulzke
Mario Schulzke
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Early in my career, when working in business development at WONGDOODY, we'd do a post-mortem after every pitch. Both the ones we won and the ones we lost.  

The process we followed was straightforward but worked great.

It's called Start/Stop/ Continue. When you analyze what happened and how you did it, organize all actions into one of three buckets.

  • Start - what will you start doing that you haven't done before?
  • Stop - what are you going to stop doing that you did before?
  • Continue - what are you going to continue doing?

Over time, the starts and stops became shorter and shorter as we got better and better.

This process works great for biz dev post-mortems. But it also works for job interviews, group projects, relationships, financial reviews, and anything that could benefit from a simple analysis followed by highly actionable takeaways.


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