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Mario Schulzke
Mario Schulzke
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I'm excited about the advent and recent progress on the AI front. Unfortunately, I am not smart enough to fully understand and recognize any potential catastrophic downsides of AI.

What excites me is simply the fact that there will be more and more tasks that I don't have to worry about. We all make dozens of decisions every day. Decisions often require research, thought, and consideration. Those all take time. And I am sure AI will eventually make those decisions for me and then take or initiate whatever necessary actions.

  • No more time spent finding an electrician.
  • No more time spent optimizing my portfolio.
  • No more time spent managing my calendar.
  • No more time spent coming up with words for mundane emails.

Eventually, I am sure an AI robot will clean our house, switch the batteries in the smoke detector, mow our lawn, and throw out whatever salad dressings expired years before my daughter was born.

Yes, a bunch of current occupations will be lost in the process. That's a bummer and a substantial entrepreneurial opportunity for people and society.

My hunch is we'll all work less in the future. And hopefully, that work will be more meaningful.  

The big question is what economic systems and processes will allow us to fund our lives in the future. I think we'll figure those out, as hopefully, our lives will become much cheaper through the advent of technology.  

We won't all need cars when it's easier to share self-driving vehicles in the future. Then we won't need garages, which might open up some interesting new housing plays. Maybe healthcare will become much cheaper, as there are probably a significant number of medical questions, procedures, and processes that can be (better) answered and done by AI.

I'm optimistic about AI. Life as we know it is going to change considerably.

I'll try to pay close attention to how things develop and then try to evolve our lives to maximize the upside and limit the downsides of AI.


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My name is Mario and I grow ideas, companies and hot peppers.

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