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The Wager

Mario Schulzke
Mario Schulzke
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The Wager is one of the best books I’ve read in many years. And best of all, it’s a true story. It’s written by David Grann, the same gentleman who wrote Killer of the Flower Moon which I am hoping to get to read as soon as Selma goes to college. 

The year is 1740ish. England is at war with the Spanish. The British boys decide to send out a bunch of warships to go after some Spanish treasure-filled galleon. Things don’t go smoothly. A bunch of ships sink. Others get lost. The Wager ends up wrecking on an island off the coast of Patagonia. 

Most assume everyone dies. But then a couple of years later, survivors from the Wager wash up on the coast of Brazil. They’re heroes. 

Or so one thinks. Because six months later another group of Wager survivors land on the coast of Chile. And their story doesn’t make that first group of Brits look all that honorable. 

The book tells the whole story and it’s fun as heck. 

Highly recommend this read


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