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Focus on those leaning in

I have done marketing for twenty years now. Without exception, I can tell you that the best people to market to are the ones already "leaning in" looking for a solution to their problem. Yet somehow, too many marketers and brands decide to go after everyone and their

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The Way We Teach Marketing is All Wrong

Learn then test. Or maybe even learn then do. Read, listen, watch and then show up and nail your quizzes, midterms, finals, or worst yet, group presentations. I have been doing marketing at a high level for the last twenty years. Yet every time I make decisions based mainly on

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How To Structure Your Marketing For Success

In this essay, I will show you a dead-simple method to structure and organize your marketing. Most marketing fails. A lot of it has to do with our inability to plan the work and set realistic expectations for the strategies you'll try. Here are the three ways to