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Mario Schulzke
Mario Schulzke
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We are getting solar panels installed at our house. Given the recent electricity price increases, I am confident it's a good investment.

But to me, solar is the ultimate sign of loving your kids and country.

I want my daughter to live in a place with clean air to breathe and clean water for her to drink, even long after I am gone. Producing enough clean and renewable energy for our family is one decisive way to do that.

I also want our country to be independent of oil-producing nations that do not share our country's or my values. Of course, now there's an argument to be made that we could also drill for more oil and gas in our country. But that's a pretty shitty argument if you care about clean air and water. And I do.

So if you can afford to invest in solar panels on your roof, it's probably one of the most patriotic things you can do for your country.

That and paying taxes.
Or to volunteer in your communities.
Or serve in the peace corps.
Or, in some cases, even join the military.

In terms of investment, these solar panels cost $13,500. Given the current 30% tax credit, the actual cost is $9,500. Once up and running,  they'll save us $1,000 annually in electricity bills, likely more if energy prices keep rising.

So these solar panels will start making money in about 7-8 years. That's pretty darn great, especially given it's also an incredibly patriotic thing to do.

Someday there will probably be a national holiday for people with solar panels.


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