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Mario Schulzke
Mario Schulzke
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Nobody will ever look at me and say "Wow, that Mario fella. He's the happiest dude I know."

I can be quite stoic, often deep in thought.

I can be overly focused on some random task I deem to be important. And yes, sometimes researching REIT ETFs on a Saturday night is important.

I don't laugh loudly all that often.

I don't do Karaoke.

Instagram stories from me are rare and usually clouded in sarcasm.

You won't see me do photo dumps.

Halloween feels unnecessary.

You might see me tear it up on the dance floor. But that means, you're really paying attention then.

In a way, I can be kind of a grouch.

But I am a deeply content grouch.

I don't need more than what I have right now. Bigger, better, faster, younger holds no appeal to me.

I like my life. I love it actually. Even when things are hard, I remember how lucky I am.

Too often we look for happiness. For those moments we never forget. Happiness can be a thrill. And I think seeking thrill often leads to disappointment. Or comparing yourself to others. Or drug addictions.

Rather than look for happiness, seek contentment.

It might not be obvious to everyone else.

But you'll love it.


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My name is Mario and I grow ideas, companies and hot peppers.

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