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Mario Schulzke
Mario Schulzke
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For a man in his forties, I am in great shape. Not because I've been nailing my nutrition and workouts for the last three months but because I've been working out and living (mostly) healthy for decades.

I love marketing and have gotten to be successful at it, not because I watched a TikTok video about it and then pulled a couple of all-nighters but rather because I've been working and trying to get better at it for the last twenty years.

My best friendships have been built over years and decades, not days and weeks.

My portfolio might be down this month, but over many years, it will compound and be there for my family when we need it.

You don't get fit by walking to work or the store once. But if you do it daily, you'll see a massive impact over time.

My reputation is built not by one thing I once did, but rather by many little actions that hopefully had a positive impact on others.

I don't write more than 500 words per week, but at some point, there will be hundreds of thousands of words on here.

I want my daughter to remember our long walks together on the weekends, not the one trip we did or didn't make to Disneyland.

I hope the relationship with my wife will be better in 30 years than in three months. Not because we went on a great vacation but because of the work we put in over decades.

Too often, we look to quick fixes. Silver bullets that solve our problem. The reality is there are no silver bullets.

It's about consistency.

The sooner you recognize that consistency is the answer, the sooner you can stop looking for quick fixes and work on the life you want.


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My name is Mario and I grow ideas, companies and hot peppers.

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