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Bringing Us Along

Mario Schulzke
Mario Schulzke
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Before I became a dad, I asked my friend Ryan about one piece of advice he'd give me as a new dad. He told me that when Selma is born, Carlyn and I should continue to do the things we do in our lives.

Just bring Selma along.

Go on a run with her.
Bring her camping.
Take her to the concert.
Travel with her.

Well, we just returned from a four-week trip to Europe. Have you ever taken a toddler on a 9-hour flight? So naturally, my anxiety about the whole experience was significant. But Ryan's words were constantly in the back of my mind, and we just went for it.

That 9-hour flight turned into a 3-day journey with surprise hotel stays in Amsterdam and New York City. Sometimes when you fly standby, you don't get on the plane. We didn't get on many planes.

Carlyn was stressed.
I was stressed.
Selma was amazing. She loved it. She danced in security lines. She jumped on hotel beds. She told a flight attendant she loved him. She played Peekaboo with everyone all the time, everywhere.

We didn't bring Selma along on our adventure.
Selma brought us along on her adventure.

And in many ways,  she re-taught us how to adventure.

One game of Peekaboo at a time.

I am grateful she brought us along.


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