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Mario Schulzke
Mario Schulzke
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There are only a few problems in life you can't solve through accountability.

But most things can be solved by building a system where someone holds you accountable.

When I decided I wanted my physique closer to six-pack abs than a permanent dad bod, I started paying someone 300 bucks per month to review my daily nutrition intake and fitness activity. And then, we'd have a weekly check-in call. I lost a pound a week. My habits improved instantly because I knew I'd be held accountable if not. And I paid way too much money to waste that. I love chocolate-covered almonds and red wine. But not that much.

When alcoholics need help, AA is an excellent resource because their peers hold them accountable. Many will go to daily meetings to maximize the accountability they receive.

When you go to couples counseling, and the therapist gives you specific advice on how to deal with certain situations, you know you'll be asked how you acted or reacted in the heat of the moment. The advice is good, but you can find that on the Internet. What matters the most is knowing that you'll be facing your therapist again, and nobody wants to be the idiot on the couch who keeps doing the wrong thing repeatedly.

I wouldn't floss as much as I do if it weren't for those six-month check-ins with my dentist.

I would have never swam, ran, or biked as much had I not signed up for an Ironman.

When my students don't show up to class (unexcused), their grade is immediately dropped by a certain percentage. When I don't write on this blog every week, their final grade is immediately raised by a certain percentage.

Accountability is a gift that you should give and take.

Accountability works because, over time, you automatically start doing the right thing. Doing the right thing becomes a habit.

Accountability works.


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