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Hard Now > Hard Later

Assuming you're not a trust fund baby gifted with incredible genes, things are going to get hard at some point in life. You might struggle to pay the bills. Or you're dealing with some health issues brought on by a series of compounding unhealthy life choices.

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4 Strategies To Make Fewer But Better Decisions

Making decisions can be exhausting. And if you burn out from making decisions, you run the risk of procrastinating or making bad decisions. Or even worse, you spend too much time making fairly inconsequential decisions and then delay the important decisions you need to make. I've been there

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When Starting Your Career, Optimize For a Variety of Experiences. Here’s Why and How.

For the first ten years of my career, I spent my days working on dozens of large brands in ad agencies and my nights trying to launch side project businesses. My agency work exposed me to bigger-picture business strategy thinking across various industries and some of the most brilliant and

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The Three Skills You Need to Supercharge Your Career Growth

Early in your career, your focus should be on honing your craft. Do the work. Learn about the work. Put in the extra hours. Start a side project that gives you even more at-bats. Your goal needs to put yourself on a track to be great at what you do.

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When You Graduate, Move To the City

I went to school in Montana. I loved it. Upon graduation, I even had a good job in my industry, right here in Montana. Still, I moved to Seattle to become an unpaid intern at an ad agency. That decision ultimately led to a pretty incredible career so far, which