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The State of Fast Food After a Long Day of Drinking

Mario Schulzke
Mario Schulzke
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Back in college, I used to spend my summers working for a beach club in Spain. Life was exactly as you might imagine. Work till two in the morning, go out until the sun came up and then meet up with a bunch of people for breakfast to end the day. Or start it, however you want to look at it. My favorite part of going out to eat was definitely the experience, of sitting around a table sharing stories after a long night of work and play.

Last night after a long day of wedding activities, most of the wedding guests met up at a bar. I was a little early, so I decided to grab some food. Fast food actually.

It has probably been a decade since I stepped foot into either a McDonalds or Taco Bell, but for some reason (some reason = drinking all day) those sounded good. So at about 11pm, I decided to walk a couple of miles to grab either a burger of sorts or some soft shell tacos.

As I was walking up to McDs and TB, I was happy to see that the lights were still on with dozens of cars waiting in the drive through lane. And then I got closer and recognized that the only way you could eat at either of those places were if you're doing the drive-thru thing or had ordered via some food delivery app.

I had done neither. I actually wanted to sit down and have a terrible meal. I obviously didn't get to do that, but it just made me feel sad about the current state of fast food.

Sure, fast food isn't maybe all about the experience.

But what the heck, you have to be in a car to be eat after 11pm?

That's the least social way to experience a meal. It's just all about getting the unhealthiest food in the unhealthiest way imaginable.

I know I could have attempted to walk throught the drive-through lane. Or ordered via some app.

But I didn't. I just walked back to the bar, feeling bummed about the state of fast food after a long day of drinking.

We can do better America.

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