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Every Day

Mario Schulzke
Mario Schulzke
1 min read

Doing something every day is easier than doing it every other day.

It seems counterintuitive, but it's true.  

We humans are creatures of habit. Whether it's a good or bad habit, the more we do it, the more it sticks. 

Then, the more it sticks, the more it becomes part of our identity. That's when good habits become actual superpowers. And bad habits become giant liabilities. 

The whole identity thing is so powerful because you start saying and thinking things like: 

  • I am an athlete. (good) 
  • I am an A student. (good)
  • I don't drink alcohol. (good)
  • I love wine. (bad) 
  • I eat super healthy. (good) 
  • I love junk food. (bad) 
  • I am good with money. (good) 
  • I am bad with money. (bad) 

The way you get to these mindset states is through unrelenting consistency. 

If you want to be an athlete, work out every day. If you want to drink less, it's easier not to drink at all than sometimes. If you want your house to be less messy, pick things up every day, not once a week. 

This is especially important when you first get going, as it's how you establish the desired behavior and consistently make it part of your identity. 

So, while it might seem counterintuitive, it's easier to not drink at all than to drink less. It's easier to clean every day than once per week. It's easier to work out every day than three days per week. 

Ps. This is the best book ever written about habits.

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